Our Story

Restaurant Outfitters is a full service kitchen designer that provides a total turnkey package of quality services in design, equipment purchase and installation to ensure the successful implementation of your concept and vision. Our Kitchen Design Services Includes:

Kitchen Design Consultation

Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Drawings

Plumbing Schedule and Point of Connection Plan

Electrical Schedule and Point of Connection Plan

Equipment Elevations

Wall Backing Plan

Equipment Specifications

Equipment  Cut Sheet Book

Restaurant  Outfitters produces its projects using the latest versions of AutoCAD and two industry specific programs that provide accurate drawings which allow for factory recommended clearance between the equipment.  This significant service allows us to have valuable check points to prevent any costly surprises during installation of the equipment.

Restaurant Outfitters is fully committed to realizing the vision of the end user or architect and to providing the design expertise needed for coordination and success.  We offer high quality, dependable service and equipment at the best value in the industry. 

Our commitment to your success is to develop a partnership with your architect, consultants, general contractors and their related subcontractors, in all aspects of the design, equipment purchase and installation.  There are several key points that we focus on in order for the kitchen design to be successful.

Kitchen Design, Vision and Concept 

Our fundamental goal is to understand your vision and develop it into a well-designed facility that will use every square foot of space strategically and efficiently.  Understanding your concept enables us to create a design that best utilizes the space with the proper equipment choices.  We work closely with the leading manufacturers of kitchen equipment, and we track the trends in food service as they pertain to new equipment along with the new energy requirements for going green and becoming an eco-sensitive rated company.

  Strategic Kitchen Design Planning

We understand the art as well as the science of proper kitchen design.  There are many ways  to go over budget, and a prime example is misplacing equipment.  For instance, when the equipment is strategically placed it can minimize the need for multiple plumbing and electrical connections which could otherwise cost you thousands of dollars.  

  Flow and Efficiency

 A great kitchen design can make you or break you. It can contribute greatly to how much you save and how much you make.  A poor design can cost you a great deal.  An efficient, well functioning food service facility will create a great working environment for your employees, minimizing labor costs, and offer a positive experience for your customers that will bring them back for more.

  Kitchen Equipment 

In order to specify food service equipment, you have to understand how it works in relationship to your concept and menu.  We recommend the equipment that is best suited for both, so we only specify what you need to be successful, and we never suggest overpriced or irrelevant equipment.  We respect both your budget and your bottom line.

Restaurant Outfitters is a specialized provider of commercial foodservice equipment and kitchen/bar design that provides a total turnkey package of quality service that includes installation to insure the successful implemenation of your concept and vision

Restaurant Outfitters